Dannell, Donnell, and Darnell (What Just Happened part4)

"Save some for me," Dannell cut in like a ballroom dancer, grasping my shoulders and pulling me to him. There was no need to lure his tongue in – he probed inside me as if he were trying to touch the back my throat with his tongue. Breathtaking!"So, not to be unromantic, but I do need some practice here." And I reached down to press my hand against his crotch, I could feel his girth burgeoning at my touch and it made me feel deliciously sissy as my clitty started to stiffen a little. I kneeled before him and reached for the zipper and pulled it down, reaching inside to feel his heft and warmth. I grasped his pants and boxers at once and pulled them down, his penis was not quite as big as Uncle Leon’s but it WAS big and, it was a beauty – you know how the proportions of some cocks are just nicer? Well, Dannell’s was gorgeous, circumcised, a rich brown, just the slightest curve, which to my eye made it look like it was taking off like a plane from a runway. It also had a lovely helmet. To my great excitement and satisfaction, Dannell already had a pretty little ooze of pre-cum which I licked off his tip and onto my lips before wrapping my lips around his head and beginning to love his slit with my tongue in earnest. Because of the tooth-grinding appliance I was using, I did not need to worry so very much about my teeth raking his rod and ruining the sensations of my mouth, lips, and tongue. If I wanted to please, and I did, I would need to use good technique, but with the guard fitted, there was no scraping, which let me apply a lot more abandon in my movements. As I loved his manhood with my mouth, I caressed his beautiful big balls with my hands, tracing the shape,, running my fingers softly and lovingly around them, entranced by the heft of them, mesmerized by the promise of a delicious, hot, slippery reward from them.I still needed to use good technique, though, if I wanted my reward, so I renewed my focus on his gorgeous cockhead, mouthing it with the lips, adoring it with the tongue, and sucking. I slid my mouth down as far as I could then swallowed it into my throat. I guess he enjoyed the sensation because he moaned softly.Then he added some real encouragement. "Yeah you pretty little cocksucker, love my big black cock like a good sissy faggot." In the circumstances, that was inspirational, I continued to swallow and then slide back up his long shaft. Normally I would have placed his hands on my head and let him deep throat me, but I needed to practice being in control here. The good thing was, that, since I was controlling the pace and depth, choking was much less a problem than it would have been with him holding my head and facefucking me. I still had to fight to control the gag reflex, but this was actually turning out to be good practice for that, I was able to control the retch reflex much better and relax and swallow him pretty deep. I was really getting into it, and he was too so he turned it up a notch, "Yeah, Pinky, you pretty little sissy, you love my big black cock, don’t you?" "I answered as well as I could considering how full of his dick my mouth was. I was trying to say, "yes, you big brown, god! I love your dick, give it to me, give it to me." It came out sounding like nothing but grunts and groans, but Dannell seemed to understand. "You like it, don’t you you little girlie boi? You love my big brown sissy pleaser, don’t you?" I gave up trying to speak and settled on responding with moans and grunts. The moaning did the trick, in a matter of minutes, after I had forced my throat deep onto his cock, he grasped my head and pulled out just a little at first I was a little concerned, thinking I was doing something wrong or that he did not enjoy, but after the first spurt, I understood that he was just making sure I was going to be able to taste his spunk, instead of shooting it into my throat. Four spurts later, I had a delicious mouthful and after I sucked one last time and licked the last drop off the tip, tilted my head back to show him what he had given me."Nice job, sissy! Way to suck!"I gulped down my mouthful of his gift and giggled, "And swallow! Don’t forget, I almost always swallow on the first date!"We both laughed, Donnell then came in with another guy, who was nowhere near as big as Dannell and Donnell, and he was giggling too, and applauding, "Gimme five, white boy, that was some ok sucking for a beginner.""This," pointing to the shorter new guy, who had come with him and I presumed was Darnell, a cousin of theirs of some sort, "is Darnell." He confirmed what I had presumed. "Uncle Leon said you wanted to practice." Leon had told me that Dannell and Donnell were bringing a friend to help me practice. "And Darnell has heard a lot about you.Darnell, once I looked, actually resembled LaMar, but was considerably shorter in stature, closer to my 5’9" than the 6’ plus of Leon, LaMar, or the twins, Dannell and Donnell.I really wanted to get DPed, ached for it actually, I longed to get between two of these studs each with their hard sissy pleaser in me from opposite ends pounding me at the same time, – getting it at both ends had been my number one fantasy for years, but actually getting a chance to do it had, until I fell through the rabbit hole with this, apparently extensive club of sissy keepers, seemed beyond my wildest dreams, a phantasm of imagination. So I was tempted to ask for one. But since I knew that if I was going to get my full satisfaction out of this chance to get even with LaMar, I was going to need to practice with my mouth and hands and so needed to get each of my three studs off more than once if possible and I needed to do them one at a time to get as many strokes, so to speak, in as possible. And not just strokes, licks too, I was going to need to wait. So, since there seemed to be an excellent chance that I was almost certainly going to have a chance to get DPed plenty by the members of the fuck club that my friends and their relatives belonged to and were preparing to introduce me to, I determined to practice deferral of satisfaction. I decided that, even though I had long been wanting to have sucked both of the twins that I was intrigued enough by Darnell that I wanted to see what his junk and spunk were like. I asked if he was willing and, not all that surprisingly, he was: he gave me a weird smile, said yes and beckoned me with a finger. As I approached, he unzipped and unbuttoned and dropped his pants, continuing to beckon me with his finger. I walked over and he grasped my shoulders, we were about the same height, but I noticed now how muscular his thighs were. When he grasped my shoulders I could feel how strong his hands were, even though I was just a little bit taller, he grasped my shoulders and pushed me to my knees in front of him. I could see his pride growing in his shorts, it was not the equal of LaMar or Dannell or Leon but it was thick and had a nice shape to the head, it was, in a word, beautiful."Pull my shorts down, white boy, I have a treat for you." Since that was what I was there for, I did. When I did, his dick sprung in front of my face and it seemed even more beautiful this close, I grasped it with my hands and began kissing and licking it up and down, petting the balls as if they were a beloved little pet, which, in a way, I guess they were, I gently rolled them with my fingertips, feeling and thrilling to their heft and size, pressed them lightly between my fingers and felt gently for the vas to stroke it gently also. Doing so, a thrill of desire surged through me and I began stiffening myself.The thing was, it was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen – Dannell and Donnell and their uncles, Leon and LaMar were bigger, but the shape and proportions of Darnell’s manly organ could have been used as the model for a marble statue in ancient Greece, the kind that you see in museums with the genitals (way unfortunately) having been chiseled off in the Dark Ages by some pervert pope pretending to be righteous.It was hard to not take it in my mouth, it looked so delicious, I wanted to feel it on my lips and tongue, but I needed to practice stroking, so after a few loving kisses and a short suck and tongue-roll I just could not resist indulging in, I went to work on the knob, eagerly, but gently and lovingly, even adoringly. "Darnell, you have a beautiful penis, and I need to practice stroking now, but some day, I want to worship it with my mouth the way it deserves to be worshipped." He had been sorta frowning at me until then, but he actually grinned, and chuckled softly then smiled. "I promise, white boy, I promise." I went to work on it, grasping the tip in my palm, tickling the shaft with my fingers and continuing on his big balls with my other hand. More, the whole time I, well, I just couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t stop talking about it, praising its shape and not at all deficient or inadequate length and girth. I slathered it in Crisco so my hand slid up and down on it smoothly. At first even despite the smile he had given me, he was a little aloof, hardly acknowledging me at all. But eventually, as he started to leak precum, he started to make humming sounds that punctuated every stroke I made, which made me happy."Faster, sissy!" he ordered me. A few moments of that and he grabbed me by the back of the head: "On your face or in your mouth, sissy?" Since I was practicing with the hand, I didn’t want to break discipline by using my mouth, even though I did want to taste his cum. "Face, sir, but could you please aim for my tongue?" And with that I got my face close and quickened my pace even further, squeezing gently on the tip and stroke gently down to the base, tilted my head back, opened my mouth and offered my tongue. In that facial posture I could not offer oral worship to his pretty dick properly so I settled for whining imploringly and was quickly rewarded with three quick squirts, the first on my tongue, the second into my mouth and all the way to the back of my throat and the last right between the eyes, it dripped gloriously down my nose and onto both cheeks. I was so happy.That left Donnell for me to service and try to please and impress, instead it was he who impressed me, his manhood was, if anything, a little longer than Dannell’s as it didn’t have the slight curve. When I saw that, I could not help but giggle a little, "So, you two aren’t identical after all!" We all laughed."Now gimme that big brown thing, Donnell!" and I knelt down in front of him, ready, willing and eager to please. And I did my best, repeating the techniques, I had used on Dannell and Darnell and enjoying the feel and heft of it on my hand and the girth and warmth and taste of it in my mouth. My reward was a fuckin’ huge, and I mean huge load, 5 spurts into my mouth, one actually hitting the back of my throat, which made me choke, and when Donnell pulled out to let me try and catch my breath, another tremendous one in my face.Donnell’s spunk was delicious, he could see the puzzlement on my face, since, not that any had tasted bad, but his was really sweet. He looked at me and said, I wanted to give you a special treat, so I haven’t had anything too spicy to eat for a couple of days and before coming over, I ate a small can of artichoke hearts, I heard they make your spunk taste sweeter."He was right, the artichoke hearts did the trick, his cum was delicious."Ok," I said after I had licked the last of his last spurt, which had landed on my forehead, off my fingers, who would like to give me some more practice?Donnell begged off, saying he needed a few minutes, but Dannell and Darnell did paper, scisssors, rock, while I cupped each of their balls in one of my hands. The day was really shaping up…









Dannell, Donnell, and Darnell (What Just Happened part4)